Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Planner

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Planner

  1. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

This is probably the thing that I hear most frequently from brides as we start to dive into the nitty gritty of wedding planning. Unless you have been married a few times, you are probably going into this whole process pretty blind. And, if you have been married before, you know what you DON’T want to repeat this time around, but may still need help defining what you DO want. There are so many intricate, and interconnected, decisions to be made that it can seem overwhelming.

  1. A True Investment

Having a pro who can guide you every step of the way not only saves you from daily migraines, it can save you time and a ton of money! I tell couples that I can usually pay for myself in what I save them. Whether it is guiding you to the best vendors for your budget, helping you avoid costly mistakes, or showing you inside tricks to get the most bang for your buck, a wedding planner is ALWAYS worth the investment. And, it is important to think of it as an investment and not an expense. Hiring a planner is insurance that all the other money that you spend will produce the results you are looking for.

  1. You Want to ENJOY Your Wedding

I always do an exit questionnaire with my brides after their wedding, and when I ask what the best part of my service was, I often hear ‘peace of mind.’ Knowing that anything will be handled, that they don’t have to stress or worry, and that nothing will disrupt their special day is worth any amount for many brides. So, in hiring me, they get that amazing peace of mind, and a million other benefits too!

And, you want your friends and family to enjoy it too! They have been beside you throughout this incredible journey, you don’t want them stuck setting tables on the most important day. You have been dreaming of this day for years, so trust it to a planner who will love the day as much as you. I do this because I am good at it, but most importantly, I do it because I truly love it! I want your day to be even more perfect than you do, if you can believe it!

  1. Someone Has to Do It…

Someone needs to set up your décor, verify all the vendors are arriving at the right place and time, refill the vases with water, clean up the spilled cake or punch, clear tables, fix the zipper on a dress, take the tag off the groomsman’s suit, run grab you a Dt. Coke, go buy duct tape for the decorations that keep falling down, level the cake stand….you get the point. Yes, your mom, sister, aunt and best friend can fold 200 napkins for you, but don’t you want them there beside you, sipping mimosas, getting fake lashes on, and celebrating every step of the way with you? Not having a planner doesn’t save you, instead it stretches you and everyone else to the limit and can lead to minor and major issues throughout the day.

  1. 2 Words: “Vendor Connections”

Throughout the process, your wedding will be determined by the people you choose to be a part of it. When you are hiring wedding vendors, you don’t just want to pick the one who is cheapest or the one your co-worked said she liked. You are choosing someone you connect with and someone you are granting the privilege of bringing your dreams to life. Knowing your style, your personality, and your budget can help a planner guide you to those professionals who are going to elevate your day, not jeopardize it. And, when something does go sideways, like one of them calls the morning of the wedding and can’t make it, your wedding planner will pull out all the stops, call her trusted industry friends, and get you a replacement who will put you at ease and save the day.

  1. Your Vendors Will Thank You

When you hire a wedding planner, everyone benefits. A central pro who can handle all the details of the day and keep everything running smoothly will make life easier for all. I hear time and time again from DJs, photographers, caterers, and venue management that they love working with me because I elevate everyone. Having a planner coordinate when dinner will be served allows the DJ to focus on playing amazing mood music, instead of being stuck in the kitchen. Having a planner schedule your flowers to arrive at the right time allows your photographer to hit the ground running, instead of sitting around and waiting on someone else’s schedule. You chose amazing professionals, now invest in someone who will help them do their job and give you the best day possible.

  1. Expert Guidance

You have a Pinterest board with 1,000 pins, but how do you actually turn those scattered ideas to a wedding that fits your style, wows your guests, and leaves you with timeless photos at the end of the day? Hire a planner! We know what works, what doesn’t, which design elements really pack a punch, and which ones just aren’t worth the time or effort. I chuckle to myself when a bride says, “It’s just an easy idea I saw on Pinterest.” Usually that means it is a complicated, costly craft project that would make Martha herself swear like a sailor. Save yourself from a Pinterest fail on your wedding day, and let a pro guide you as you design your special day.

  1. Problem Solving Ninja

Even the most well-planned day will have a hiccup since we are all human and working with other humans. And, if it isn’t a human hiccup, you can bet Mother Nature will try to throw you a curve ball. Having an expert problem solver, who has probably seen almost everything, on hand to tackle the issue before it has a chance to derail your day or burst your happy bubble can be a lifesaver (no, not literally because I still don’t have that CPR certification I keep meaning to get…).

The other type of problem solving that many brides are searching for is someone to help navigate that tricky new mother-in-law involvement, or the mom/sister/bestie who might just be living vicariously through your wedding planning. If you are looking for someone to be the buffer and mediator for those tricky personal relationships involved with planning your day, a wedding planner is your best bet.

  1. The Only Person in Your Life Who Won’t Get Burned Out on Wedding Details

No matter how much your fiancé loves you or how close you and your mom are, they are probably going to need to talk about something other than “the wedding” over the course of your engagement. So, if you are looking for someone who is always interested in the latest centerpiece option you added to Pinterest or willing to chat about the difference between those eggplant or plum bridesmaid dresses, I am your girl!

Guess who else can get major wedding burn-out? You, the bride! I frequently tell my brides it is ok to put the binder on the shelf, log out of Pinterest, and take a wedding time out. And, they can, because they trust that all of the details, big and small, will continue to be handled just as they want them.

  1. Literally, this is my job!

I put hundreds of hours into your “happiest day ever” because I LOVE what I do! I have a unique set of gifts and skills that not everyone possesses. I have turned those into a business where I can come alongside a bride or couple and be a part of an amazing moment in their lives. Whether you are a student, parent, or just in a career of your own, I can almost guarantee that you don’t have time to take on another full or even part-time job. That is just what planning a wedding can be. So, go to the park with your kids, get that massage, or snuggle up and watch a movie with the honey, and let me do the work for you!


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