My venue has an event coordinator, so I am covered, right?

Not necessarily! Who hired that individual? Who is paying them? THE VENUE! That means, he or she is there to take care of the venue first and foremost. These professionals are great to work with as a part of the vendor team for your wedding. It is so helpful to have a specific contact person with wedding expertise when it comes to designing the floor plan for the venue or to answer the multitude of questions that you will have about what is provided, allowed, prohibited, etc.

A venue coordinator won’t be responsible for your timeline or managing your wedding party and guests to ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time. And, if you have more than one venue, you will be left on your own to handle the details at the ceremony or reception.

But, it is also so important to have a planner or coordinator who is there for you! I am on hand to make sure that all of the details you have requested and paid for are in place and on time. I am also present to help you get your security deposit back-whether during set up or clean up, I will be your representative whose sole job is to take care of you!

If I am working on a tight budget, a planner is a luxury I can cut out, right?

The opposite is true! If you are working within a budget, hiring a planner is one of the best and first decisions you should make. After meeting with you to discuss your budget, your ideas for the day, and details like location, season, and guest count, I can customize your budget categories and spending to help you spend wisely and get exactly what you dreamed of. In most cases, I can pay for myself with the money my expertise saves you!

I have a big family and a ton of friends willing to help, can’t I take care of all that stuff with their help?

Have you ever heard the phrase “Too many cooks in the kitchen.”? The chaos of lots of helpers, dozens of details, and a time crunch is a bride’s worse nightmare. You should be relaxing with your closest friends and family members, soaking up the special moments of the day, not directing an army of well meaning worker bees. The help of friends and family is invaluable, but is most useful (and least stressful) when under the leadership of a pro who knows what you want and how to accomplish it.

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